Lara Segal Art consulting

Lara Segal Fine art Consulting and art sales

Our Vision:

Is to be the world’s number one supplier of Fine Art Services, including Art consulting, Fine Art leasing, Fine Art commissions and Managing of Private and Corporate Art collections.

The Fine art Consultant

Art is a language that allows one to connect from an emotional, physical and spiritual level. Our aim is to transform your space with Beautiful Fine Art pieces that inspires you and invests in your future.

We as art consultants have the knowledge, expertise and experience in the Art world that specialize in investment paintings and the proper placement of art and acquiring specific pieces.
Our passion is to understand who the best artist is for you to invest in, for your future.

Who we are?

We are Fine Artists and collectors that have been in the industry for over 10 years. Our aim is to enable people to connect with us and find the perfect piece for their walls and collections. Art is the biggest investment in your future you can make. This is why you need a specialist to guide you and help you make the perfect purchase for your viewing pleasure and a lifetime investment.

Collecting art is one of the great pleasures of the world. But it may also be the most expensive one.
We lease out Art as a means of creating an environment for your home and office that is trendy and tranquil to allow individuals to be creative and motivated in there space.

Art to lease allows you to rent works for a six month, 12 month or 24 month fixed-term period, with the option to buy specific rented works. You can choose from a pool of Fine Artists and have original Fine art pieces in your space.

Our Private Collection Investment product is the best way to begin a your very own art collection.

Lara Segal Fine Arts Consulting provides service to both experienced and novice art collectors and buyers and provides a full range of services associated with art collecting. Whether advice is sought in purchasing a single artwork or developing a collection over time, Lara Segal Fine Arts is a valuable advisor. Through education and exposure to a broad range of artists, galleries, museums, art fairs and events, Lara Segal Fine Arts Consulting provides clients an insider’s view to the art world, tailored to their particular interests.